Demise of technical writing?

Or just evolution and maturation?

On May 18, Jared Spool (of User Interface Engineering) wrote a post entitled “Where Did Technical Writing Go” in his Brain Sparks blog. It’s an interesting look at past trends in technical writing and what the future holds for the profession. It’s most interesting for the counter points of view posted in the comments.

[Found via Holly Harness's "Don't Call Me Tina" blog, which also has some interesting counterpoints to Jared's thoughts]

2 Responses to “Demise of technical writing?”

  1. Mimi says:

    Maybe he should have named the article “Where did Technical Writing go wrong”.

  2. gordon says:

    Or perhaps “Where SOME Technical Writers have gone wrong”. There are many of us who are embracing the myriad skills we need to learn to be part of this brave new world.

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